Today, businesses have to consider and manage their exposure to risks in a constantly changing world. This is a key factor in their survival and growth as a company.

Introducing TGS

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TGS is a Stelliant Group subsidiary dedicated to the assessment of business risks, and has a well-established reputation for its expertise in the management of large-scale Property and Casualty claims (Fire, Accident and Miscellaneous Risks)

A strong presence on the ground

Benefiting from a national and international network, TGS has 70 adjusters working on a daily basis to identify, assess and manage all risks; we also have a presence in 80 countries all over the world through our exclusive partnership with Crawford and agreements with local adjusters.

Recognized insurance expertise

TGS assists insurance companies and professionals with risk management:

  • Public liability
  • Specific risks: Cyber-risks, Fine Art…
  • Technical damages: Buildings, Equipment, Merchandise, Operating losses, Machinery breakdown, CAR/EAR

Well established sectoral expertise

While historically TGS has experience in the major industrial sectors, it now relies on business experts highly specialized by the activity sector.
In this way, due to this management, TGS now undertakes assessments in specialized sectors: IT, finance, civil engineering, transportation, services, industry, consumption, arts and media, energy, agri-food, etc.
For assessment relating to construction, ten-year guarantees, CAR (Contractor All Risk) and Structural Damage, TGS uses the Stelliant Group’s subsidiary specialized in construction, Eurisk-Clé, and its 200 adjusters with CRAC certification (French Construction Insurance Regulation).

Customized support

TGS thus has both insurance and sectoral expertise, which enables its adjusters to provide customized support in the assessment of claims, however complex they may be.

Thanks to its membership of the Stelliant Group, TGS can rely on the skills of other subsidiaries for:

  • prevention of claims, consultancy and auditing
  • delegated management of claims
  • repairs after a claim


Agile organization

Orchestrated in project mode, TGS support mobilizes technical assessments specialized in their fields, selected according to requirements. To ensure fluid collaboration, our clients are kept informed throughout the appraisal process via reports and the circulation of information by extranet.

Furthermore, adjusters are assisted in their missions by a bilingual administrative team.

Insurance experts, TGS offers efficient, clear, transparent management of claims ensuring the most appropriate solution, whatever their nature and size.

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