During the management of a major damage claim, involving a range of complex issues, TGS works in project mode. This mode of operation enables fluidity and efficiency in many aspects of the assessment process. In addition to facilitating management of the assessment, it ensures better reporting to the insurer. Project mode consists of three central, complementary elements: the project manager, a planning tool and a collaborative platform. Let’s look at each element in more detail.

project managerThe project manager

For several years now, project mode is an integral part of our management of complex assessments. The project manager is the primary contact for each assessment, providing the adjusters with an overview of the entire project. The project manager ensures that time frames are respected in order to facilitate collaboration between all those involved.

Again, with efficiency as a priority, the project manager oversees the planning tool and the dedicated extranet, thereby ensuring consistent reporting throughout the project.


planificationPlanning tool

The project planning tool enables the insurer or co-insurers, and the various stakeholders, to follow the progress of the assessment in real-time and benefit from an overview of the project.

The schedule also enables different options to be explored. It can be provisional, partly real, or theoretical. For example, in the event of a change in the insured party’s plans, the presentation of a theoretical schedule enables the costing of a reconstruction or restoration to the prior condition (contractual limitation).


plateformeCollaborative platform

The planning tool is accompanied by the dedicated extranet, with secure access, it has more functionality than a traditional extranet. It is, in fact, a customized online collaborative platform.

The platform includes a library with all the documents associated with the claim (assessment reports, photos, and videos, etc.), for direct viewing or download, and the possibility of uploading documents.

Finally, our collaborative platform provides a view of the progress of an assessment at a point of time T, with access to the calendar of assessment operations, a summary of the financial situation, along with detailed and simplified schedules.

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