In a borderless, ultra-connected world, globalization has complicated activities and regulations. Companies must recognize the emergence of increasing numbers of diverse risks that do not recognize borders.
Our partnership with Crawford, a global leader in claim management, the international mobility of our adjusters and our partner loss adjusters in different countries enable us to meet all our clients’ requirements, anywhere in the world. In order to manage our clients’ claims in an optimal fashion, we offer a full range of services for the management of these claims in our international department, whatever the country, the mode of cover or the complexity of the claim.


A range of benefits at your service

  •  A capacity to intervene in more than 80 countries: with real expertise in international coordination, we ensure precise, efficient, all-round management of your claims.
  • Multilingual, agile technical and administrative coordination
  • Analysis and adaptation of assessment operations to the issues of each claim
  • Optimal, rapid on-site assessment, thanks to our dense international network, integrating high-quality standards. Our key value: transparency in our actions to manage a claim in the best possible fashion.
  • We understand that providing a service means: we take responsibility for the management of all your claims, whatever their nature, whatever their size Our motivation? Your satisfaction.


Unique international cover

  • Thanks to an efficient partnership that has been in place since 2010, based on mutual trust and high standards with the CRAWFORD network, and more specifically it’s Global Technical Services unit ( ; This partnership, which will soon be 10 years-old, enables TGS to benefit from a very broad, structured network, and the quality of service of an organization that was founded more than 75 years ago.
  • Reinforced by a choice of partner TEXA adjusters in French zones, with whom we have developed a professional, long-term relationship appropriate to the level of service expected by our clients.


Customized management of your claims

  • Either upstream, according to a Worldwide account set up before the claims arise
  • Or case by case, depending on the characteristics of the claim
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