Beyond the assessment of the claim and management of post-incident solutions, it is essential to know the cause of an incident to enable the company and its insurer to identify the cause of the incident, possibly make an appeal, and to be able to implement preventive measures with regard to the problem encountered.

In this context, TGS has created a cell dedicated to the analysis and determination of the cause of incidents.


Analyzing and anticipating incident risks

TGS: a department dedicated to the important issue of cause analysis

The analysis and determination of cause require specific technical skills, depending on the nature of the incident and the activity concerned.

Furthermore, determination of cause requires the way investigations are conducted to be totally neutral, for this reason, in 2016, TGS set up a dedicated department composed of specialized adjusters, with complementary, multidisciplinary skills.

Over the years, this department has established a reputation for its expertise, ethical approach, integrity, and transparency.

In order to provide the best possible service in terms of technical accuracy, TGS adjusters are backed up by specialists with experience in diverse fields such as chemistry, mechanics, and electricity.

In 2020, TGS’s cause analysis department became an independent entity within the STELLIANT group with the integration of GM Consultant and INQUEST.


The determination of the objective causes of an incident

Intervention by INQUEST analysis and determination of cause adjusters

Aware of the impact of the damage on the activity, INQUEST adjusters intervene quickly in complex claims requiring advanced technical knowledge.

They carry out rigorous investigations in order to provide useful answers to the various parties concerned.

INQUEST adjusters are trained to carry out an analytical process to determine causes, enabling them to handle increasingly technical issues through powerful automatic reflexes.

Their technical knowledge enables them to collaborate actively with lawyers to provide clear answers to legal adjusters or to cause analysis adjusters, thereby avoiding legal proceedings.

The impartial investigation does not, of course, prevent advice being given to the client, especially in the event of a civil liability claim.


Claim management

The Stelliant Group’s strength

The Stelliant Group’s cause analysis adjusters can use expertise and services available through INQUEST.

  • FI (fire investigation): a Fire & Explosion cell with unique expertise and 3D modeling capacity for the reconstitution of fire-starting scenarios
  • Prevention: composed of fire prevention specialists, this department has the ability to carry out a diagnosis of industrial sites, public access buildings, environmentally protected facilities, and SMEs, to produce declaration or authorization documents for administrative authorities, assist with preventive measures and propose corrective solutions
  • Cyber: Feedback on the management of cyber claims has enabled us to carry out in-depth investigations into hacker’s techniques, finding information leaks, etc.
  • Consumer goods: To carry out technical analyses, INQUEST has an integrated laboratory. An advantage that ensures that rapid, concrete answers are provided post-investigation.
  • Post-incident automobile investigation: with two adjusters trained in post-incident automobile investigations, both in the field of fire-related incidents and analysis of the circumstances of an accident (fraud investigation, causes of accidents, etc.)
  • Mobile laboratory: in association with VOLVARIA, INQUEST now offers the possibility of site interventions with vehicles equipped with mobile laboratories.


The advantages of INQUEST

  • A department and adjusters dedicated to cause analysis
  • Wide-ranging technical and sectoral expertise
  • Specialized legal knowledge for observations relevant to the legal assessment
  • Collaboration with specialists mobilized in accordance with the nature of the claim
  • Ethical code ensures total impartiality
  • Rapid, efficient intervention in complex technical claims

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