Civil engineering companies, energy production sites, manufacturers/assemblers, companies in the energy sector, contracting authorities: the risk of accidents is high from the start of works through to reception, both during construction and testing operations.


Specific characteristics of EAR and CAR

 EAR – CAR damage: high potential risks

Construction sites are often complex and mobilize a wide range of human and material resources. While security is a major issue, accidents can still occur and have serious consequences.


The intervention of TGS adjusters

TGS adjusters dedicated to CAR and EAR damage possess unique skills in dealing with issues relating to sites and assessment after an incident (damage and civil liability), enabling them to offer companies comprehensive support, with rapid on-site intervention in order to reduce downtime.

  • Technical management; deployment of emergency measures and organization of joint meetings
  • Assessment of claim; assessment of consequences of the claim
  • Contractual and legal advice; analysis of specific clauses of the relevant policy
  • Post-incident support; finding of reliable, economical repair solutions


Types of CAR and EAR claims

On a construction site and during assembly and trial phases, there are significant risks of incidents occurring, which may involve material damage to new or existing structures, or damage to materials and equipment (scaffolding, plans, etc.).

The incident may be linked to a fault in materials, or in manufacturing design or in implementation. Damage can also result from water, fire, collapse, natural disasters (flooding, storms, landslides, earthquakes), from electrical damage, breakages and explosions during test periods and commissioning, vandalism, etc.


Recognized Loss Adjusting

 Stelliant Group customized support

TGS adjusters can mobilize the Group’s complimentary assessment resources to provide the client with appropriate, comprehensive support:

  • Through INQUEST, our subsidiary dedicated to prevention and audit
  • Through the construction branch,
  • Through the post-incident solution branch.

The advantages of TGS

  • An agile, responsive team, with a proven record for site assessment.
  • Highly trained insurance loss adjusters specialized in the issues and problems associated with work sites
  • Transparent collaboration based on trust
  • Multilingual interventions in France and internationally

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