From computer equipment to electrical equipment, from vehicles to industrial tools, the smooth operation of a business depends wholly or partly on the equipment used. In the event of an incident, damage can have serious financial consequences, thereby placing business at a disadvantage. Determining the cause and finding alternatives is thus essential. Flexibility, technical loss adjusting, and pragmatism: three qualities with which TGS equipment adjusters provide victims of equipment damage.


Equipment damage, a constantly changing assessment

Different types of damage

Breakdowns, breakages, destruction, theft, fire, misappropriation, deterioration, machine breakdown: the risks of equipment are numerous and constantly changing. For each of them, TGS adjusters endeavor to find the cause in order to accurately determine the identity of the damaged equipment


Specialized adjusters for specialized equipment

For both service and industrial companies, ongoing technical and technological innovations require specialized skills depending on the equipment in question. TGS equipment loss adjusters thus have sectoral and technical knowledge that makes assessment fast and efficient.


Dedicated TGS adjusters for comprehensive support

With in-depth sectoral and insurance knowledge, TGS equipment adjusters intervene as quickly as possible in order to restore productivity, from objective costing to the implementation of alternative solutions.


Targeted, efficient intervention in the event of equipment damage

When an incident is reported, fast response TGS equipment adjusters meet at the location for a preliminary visit to the premises, in order to ensure appropriate management of the claim. The next stage is the assessment of the equipment damage.

Working closely with the client and quickly understanding the nature of the site enables the insurer to be informed of the cause of the incident so that the relevant guarantees in the insurance contract can be applied. The resumption of activity is accompanied by compensation.


More than an equipment damage assessor: the STELLIANT galaxy

 The Stelliant Group provides strength and flexibility for customized support

The STELLIANT galaxy contains a wide range of skills and loss adjusting that are available to TGS equipment adjusters. A multidisciplinary approach in which all types of loss adjusting are represented, from finance to construction. This complementarity enables TGS to position itself for all types of claims with consistency and appropriate expertise, from prevention to total or partial resumption of activity.


 The advantages of TGS

  • Customized advice taking into account your business’s risks
  • Proven multi-sectoral loss adjusting (industry, automotive and transportation, agri-food, finance, IT, civil engineering, etc.)
  • Agile operation with rapid processing of claims
  • Transparent collaboration based on trust

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