Industrial and mechanical machines, electrical equipment, for handling, agricultural, construction, and public works, timber, computer installations: all machines linked to the production process of both industrial and service companies are key elements in the production process and therefore in the maintenance of activity.


Machinery breakdown: multiple fields of intervention

Machinery breakdown, an issue that affects the ongoing activity

Whatever the size of the company or of the sector of activity, machinery, technical equipment, and other production tools are essential to your activity. This is why machinery breakdown can impact or even interrupt and threaten the viability of a business. Aware of this important issue, TGS dedicates adjusters to the management of these claims

TGS adjusters: comprehensive intervention in claim management

TGS adjusters have both business and insurance expertise so that they can analyze the claim and damage whatever the equipment or the sector of activity.

They assess the financial risks for the company and assist it in the contractual application of its machinery breakdown insurance.  They also advise the company in the deployment of continuity solutions (repair, refinancing, etc.).

Machinery breakdown, a variety of potential types of damage

Whether the equipment is in operation or out of use (storage, being dismantled or reassembled, moved within the establishment), it is subject to an ongoing risk of failure or possible destruction.

Damage can be related to various factors.

  • Internal causes: electrical damage, construction fault, manufacturing defect, seizing, loosening of parts, breakdown, internal explosion, etc.
  • External causes: falling, the introduction of foreign bodies, impacts, collapse, natural disasters
  • Human causes: incorrect or accidental maneuvers, incorrect use, negligence or lack of maintenance, sabotage

Stelliant Group customized support

Upstream of the claim, adjusters from Inquest, the Stelliant Group’s advice and prevention subsidiary, can intervene to prevent risks and train teams.

TGS’s intervention

  • A dedicated, responsive team
  • A thorough grasp of activity in question with sectoral adjusters
  • Cutting-edge technical support, in France and internationally
  • Rapid intervention
  • Efficient, transparent management of claims with all stakeholders

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