From a legal standpoint, the notion of operating loss is defined as a loss of revenue for a business.
From an insurance point of view, it is generally the result of guaranteed material damage internal or external to the company resulting from various causes (fire, explosion, water damage, storm, natural disaster, machine breakdown, act of vandalism, riots, accident or illness of a key person, lack of suppliers, subcontractors, energy or customers, damage to the environment, IT risks, etc.).  The guarantee can also be extended to the operating loss without damage.

Technical loss adjusters specialist in business interruption

Industrialists, traders, manufacturers, liberal professions, entrepreneurs, farmers, whatever the size or sector of activity, the risks of loss of income, total or partial cessation of the holding following the occurrence of a hazard are multiple. Beyond a loss of turnover, claims can have serious consequences for the maintenance of activity and jobs.
In order to bring the best know-how to carry out expertise missions related to EP, TGS mobilizes a team of dedicated experts with a perfect knowledge of the different sectors of activity and the mastery of techniques to evaluate the damages suffered with regard to the contractual provisions.


The handling of the claim at TGS

TGS loss adjusters work as a multidisciplinary team to optimize the settlement of the claim and limit its negative impact on the insured company.
The objective? To mobilize on-site as quickly as possible to promote business resumption under normal conditions.

The Operating Loss expert who has a good understanding of a company’s business model and its value creation process is the pilot of the file. Alongside the team of dedicated experts, he or she assists the managers of the damaged company in the evaluation and implementation of protective measures as well as all the solutions aimed at limiting damage and reducing the loss of turnover:
– The intervention of professionals in the salvage of damaged goods (in order to reduce the seriousness of the material damage, the length of time the facilities are unavailable and the financial consequences of the incident).
– Temporary Installations
– Rental of equipment
– Subcontracting
– Incurring additional staff costs, etc.

TGS also offers disaster management in “project mode”. Precise planning of the various stages of the restoration of the damaged property and the implementation of damage limitation measures is established very quickly. This schedule is then very rigorously monitored in order to minimize the duration of the period of business disruption and to inform policyholders in real-time of the progress of the case.

The Stelliant Group’s competences for claims management
TGS experts can mobilize the group’s skills to provide comprehensive support from prevention to risk management and post-disaster repair:
– INQUEST for advice and risk prevention
– Cellinks for delegated claims management
– AAD Phenix and Geop for repair after disasters


TGS’s assets
– Multi-sector expertise
– Proven experience
– Healthy, transparent and efficient collaboration
– A dedicated, agile and reactive team
– Rapid intervention
– Technical support and post-disaster expertise
– A bilingual team

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