Stocks are a fundamental element in any industrial or commercial activity and constitute a key resource to ensure efficient operation and sustainability of the company.  Damage insurance covering goods stored (whether owned by the insured or by third parties) guarantees, raw materials, packaging, supplies, products in the course of manufacture, finished products intended for sale and goods sold but not yet delivered.


Damage to goods, a major challenge for the company

If a partial or total loss occurs, the alteration or destruction of stocks of goods can jeopardize not only the company’s cash flow but also its ability to meet the needs of its customers or to continue its business.
Aware of these issues, TGS has loss adjusters specialized in merchandise who, in addition to having solid technical skills and mastery of inventory valuation methods, benefit from strong sector knowledge for a good understanding of customer issues and the specificities of the merchandise concerned.

The fast and efficient intervention of TGS loss adjusters for damages to goods

Following the occurrence of a claim, TGS merchandise adjusters are on-site very quickly for optimal handling of the file. Their intervention includes, among other things :

  • Analysis of the nature and extent of the damage
  • The implementation of all precautionary measures to limit the damage (draining, cleaning and decontamination, tarpaulin covering, authorization to clear and landfill perishable goods, etc.).
  • The search for all solutions enabling rescue to be carried out on the damaged goods (restoration and/or repackaging, consultation within the framework of a call for tenders of specialized companies likely to take over the damaged stock, sale by the insured at an auction, etc.).
  • Preservation of proof of damage (bailiff’s reports, physical inventories, analyses, temperature readings, etc.), particularly for the exercise of recourse…
  • In the event of theft or total destruction of the insured goods, analysis of the proofs of existence and value (trade books, police books, etc.), an examination of the rubble, etc.
  • The assessment of damages in relation to contractual provisions and the determination of the “value before”.

TGS assets
● Proven multi-sector expertise
● High reactivity and rapid intervention in the event of a disaster
● A pool of skills and loss adjusters mobilized according to the case at hand
● Agile and transparent project management based on trust
● A dedicated and reactive team
● An address book of assessors specialized in different fields

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