In a highly digital environment, companies are increasingly dependent on their IT systems and therefore exposed to significant digital risks, including cybercrime.

What are the risks of a cyber attack?

Theft of personal data, compromising of IT systems, espionage, viruses, identity theft, infrastructure paralysis, cyber extortion, loss of confidentiality, etc.: there are numerous, complex digital risks that can have a serious impact on a company’s activity and even threaten its survival, due to the financial costs of repairing the damage, the impact on the company’s image, operating losses, third-party claims, etc.

The frequency of cyber attacks continues to increase (67% of companies suffered an attack in 2018) and companies of all sizes are affected.

For this reason, TGS created a cybersecurity department in 2013, in partnership with Crawford, bringing together a range of loss adjuster in cyber risk.
Specializing in the management of digital issues and technology, they mobilize their cyber and IT expertise in an insurance context with a view to managing all aspects of a cyber attack.


What is TGS’s role?

A comprehensive intervention of TGS’s cyber-security loss adjusters.

Preliminary audit:

TGS’s cyber loss adjusters carry out a review of the company’s digital security (organizational and security audit), assess potential risks and implement preventive solutions and data protection measures, through the intervention of INQUEST, the Stelliant Group’s subsidiary specialized in prevention.

Management of claims in progress:

  • Crisis management:
    • Via the provision of technical crisis management assistance in response to an incident.
    • Via the creation and management of a crisis cell consisting of specialized partners and dedicated resources (legal advice, crisis hotline) in order to limit the impact and duration of the attack.
  • Search for compromise and compartmentalization
  • Dark web and social web monitoring

Post-crisis management:

  • Search for the cause through a post-incident assessment enabling the causes and circumstances to be accurately established.
  • Analysis of all the CERT reports.
  • Costing of damage
  • Monitoring of data restoration and reconstruction of the information system.
  • Carrying out of intrusion tests
  • Management of e-reputation
  • Monitoring

Our facilities at your service

  • Service available 24/7 in several languages
  • A to Z crisis management with a strategic vision of the issues
  • A tried and tested assessment partnership with Crawford since 2013
  • Recommendations and action plans for security improvement after an attack

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