An incident can take many forms, from damaged buildings to machinery breakdown to cybercrime. There are numerous examples. Cultural and material heritage can also be at risk. As part of dealing with these various types of risk, TGS deployed its own Fine Art department, to assist businesses, and insurance and art professionals.


Appraisal of art objects at TGS

Paintings, sculpture, furniture, jewellery, wines, or musical instruments, there is a huge variety of art objects. All of them have a certain value for their owner. As they do for TGS adjusters. With the creation of its department dedicated to the appraisal of art, TGS wished to combine its insurance expertise with the technical skills of a heritage loss adjuster.

Risk analysis, implementation of precautionary measures, appraisal and restoration after an incident: a customized team is created to provide appropriate support throughout the management of a claim.

Aware of the value of these objects, TGS Fine Art loss adjusters are able to combine their knowledge with the special nature of the protection of art and heritage objects.


Types of the art appraisal 

Together, heritage loss adjusters and administrative teams assist businesses in the management of the risks associated with Fine Art. More particularly:

Preliminary appraisal:

As a preventive measure, our art loss adjusters make a digital catalogue listing every piece, accompanied by a description and a valuation. This key step enables a value to be placed on the art objects and appropriate preventive and precautionary measures to be taken.

Post-incident assessment:

Post-incident, TGS loss adjusters intervene jointly with the various departments depending on the nature of the incident. In short, there is a complementarity between all the types of incident.

Beyond the assessment, TGS loss adjusters intervene regarding any restorations to be carried out.


Specialized adjusters

  • Versatile, multilingual adjusters, who are attentive and responsive to client requests.
  • Specialized, competent specialists for all types of claim:
    • gem appraisal
    • sculpture appraisal
    • jewellery appraisal
    • painting appraisal
    • gemmology appraisal
    • furniture appraisal
    • wine appraisal
  • A comprehensive network of highly qualified restorers

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